Before You Buy: Panasonic NN-SN966S Review

Microwaves are incredibly popular around the world. Almost every household in the USA owns a microwave as it is an essential must-have kitchen appliance. As technology developed, microwaves got so many additional functions, just name it: defrosting, reheating, warming, and even cooking meals.

However, traditional microwaves have a major drawback that is the inconsistency of the magnetron. This problem made cooking meals with the microwaves quite difficult.. Modern microwaves, however, use the inverter technology, which allows them to keep the magnetron in a steady current. Thus, cooking with microwaves has become more practical and fun.

Panasonic NN-SN966S is one of the people’s choices for modern microwaves. Panasonic has been famous for its inverter technology in electronic appliances, but how good is this microwave? Here is our Panasonic NN-SN966S review for your consideration before you decide to buy the product.

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Design & Functions

The design of this Panasonic NN-SN966S is elegant, with a glossy metallic finish and a modernized touch panel. It is not only its design which is premium, but it also has functions that could let you experience a new sensation of cooking with microwaves.

The digital panel features a one-touch sensing capability, you could just push the button and let the oven get the job done. Besides the genius sensor, in this Panasonic NN-SN966S review, we would like to feature its turbo defrost, keep warm, and the delayed start functions which we found very interesting.

This amazing microwave oven even has a preset menu system with 14 auto-cook options. Just name your meal: soup, pasta, oatmeal, pizza, and other common menus would be available in the preset. It has quite a convenient space with 2.2 cu ft. capacity for the interior and 1250 watt for the cooking power, such economical despite its function and capacity. Surely, this oven could help you a lot in shortening your cooking time.

Panasonic NN-SN966S: Specifications Table

Dimension19.4 x 23.9 x 14 inches
Weight37lbs [16.78KG]
Power Consumption1460 Watts
Cooking Power1250 Watts
Door DesignRegular Curved / Side Open
Door OpenPush Open
Microwave ControlsLED display with touchscreen controls
Number of Auto Cook Items14
Warranty1 Year

Inverter Microwave Technology

An ordinary microwave will turn the heat setting on and off repeatedly, this will result in uneven cooking, cold middle spots, and overcooked edges. On the other hand, an inverter microwave oven will precisely control the food temperature to prevent overheating, so no flavor is lost. An inverter microwave will get you better results, keep the nutrients, save you time and power, and have the ability to turbo defrost your food faster with no under-defrost in the center or no cooked edges.

Panasonic NN-SN966S is a flagship countertop microwave from Panasonic which utilizes the inverter technology. This microwave offers you a whole new experience of cooking with its advanced features. The design itself is simple and compact, but you can feel the power behind its simplicity.

This Panasonic NN-SN966S comes with the perfect solution with the inverter technology. With this feature, it helps to improve the cooking ability of this microwave by maintaining the 50% energy constantly through the whole cooking process. Because of the constant energy output, all the food cooked with this microwave could be done evenly.

Plus, this Panasonic NN-SN966S review would like to mention the top feature, that is the temperature control. Having this feature, it means that this microwave could sense the level of moisture of your meals and adjust its temperature so that it could perform consistent cooking.

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Why Do You Need This Oven?

First of all, this oven is quite large, looking from the dimension, it is 14 x 23.9 x 19.4 inches. In our opinion, this oven could cover a large family and very useful for small scale startup cafes or restaurants. The large capacity plus various cooking sensors could help you to prepare meals more efficiently with excellent delicacy. However, some people love the elegant design of this oven and decide to put it together into their stainless steel collection.

You don’t need to set up the timer and the temperature each time you put in a different dish. You could just use the smart sensors, or use the presets, all can be done in just one touch. You might have found microwave ovens with limitations of dishes to cook. However, this Panasonic NN-SN966S with 1250 watt power and inverter technology makes sure that you would have no problem cooking a wide range of dishes. Its large capacity is one of the reasons why this oven would be suitable for personal to small business. Many people would find this cookware more suitable than its other competitors.

Panasonic NN-SN966S Review: Pros and Cons

What we like
  • Inverter Microwave Technology
  • 14 Auto Cook Options
  • Turbo Defrost
  • Smart Cooking Settings
  • Keep Warm Feature
  • Elegant Design
What we dislike
  • The keypad is not a touch pad

The Summary

When it comes to the final verdict, it is a very personal matter, moreover if the product has some deficiencies. First of all, there have been reports from some users who complaints about the main button. They said that the main button for opening the oven door often sticks thus making it difficult. Some other complaints are about life expectancy which is quite short for regular use. They used this oven regularly and it takes about 8 to 9 months to develop mechanical issues. Aside from technical issues, the beeping sound is what makes one brand different from the others. But in this case, some people don’t like the beeping sound of this cookware because they feel that it is too loud. However, you always have the option to disable the beeping sound.

Once again, there is no such perfect product with no flaws at all. There must be something that makes a product either better or worse in certain aspects. But you just need to consider which points are more important than the others. Our Panasonic NN-SN966S review could only give you a brief insight into this product so you could decide whether you still want this oven or not.