Vitamix 780 Review: Specifications, Features and All You Need to Know

Review Summary

While several blender companies are out there, Vitamix has existed as one of the most reliable and recognizable brands over the years. The company is renowned for the production and sales of top-quality blenders with impressive features and performances. Thus, Vitamix boasts a vast number of happy customers globally due to its many satisfying products, including the brand’s most recent release known as the Vitamix 780 blender.

Designed with high power and various ranges of speed, Vitamix 780 is capable of delivering top performance for many cooking demands, such as making smoothies, shakes, ice cream, purees, nut butter, soup, sorbets, among others. In short, it is a versatile device that delivers on multiple fronts. To have a better understanding of what Vitamix 780 blender is all about and what it can do, kindly read further to learn about the specifications, features, as well as the pros and cons of the product. Enjoy reading!

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Vitamix 780: Specifications Table

SpecificationsVitamix 780
Dimension17.25 x 8.8 x 9 inches
Weight 12.5lbs[5.66KG]
Motor HP2.2HP
Design FeaturesRadial cooling fan & Thermal protection system
BladesStainless-steel hammermill and cutting blades
Blade size4 inches
Power Voltage120V
ProgramsSmoothies, Frozen Desserts, Soup, Purees or Cleaning
Speeds10 different speeds
Jug Type64-ounce container (Low profile)
Noise Level6/10
Cord Length6ft [1.82M]
Warranty5 Years

Vitamix 780 Review: Why Buy Vitamix 780 Blender?

For those who are looking for a blender that can raise the standard of their cooking, then you should try to get the Vitamix 780 blender. With multiple blending functions, powerful motor and sharp blades, this product can handle many food ingredients and help prepare a lot of delicious dishes and healthy drinks.

To begin with, you can purchase Vitamix 780 blender if you are looking for a blender that can deliver flawlessly smooth smoothies. This appliance is capable of blending various ingredients, including carrots, pineapples, kale, and spinach, that you might need for your nutritious smoothies. Also, Vitamix 780 blender will help obliterate strawberry, raspberry, and other berries with ease to produce a healthy drink in less than 60 minutes.

Although you will need a classic juicer to prepare a textbook juice, Vitamix 780 blender is versatile enough to produce well-prepared juice for a quick drink. If you tend to work with frozen ingredients, then you can make your work more comfortable with this blender – it will help crush any frozen fruits and vegetables. Also, you can use it to shave ice cubes to create ice cream and snow cones.

With this model, you can easily prepare a whole seed, nut, or soy milk as it is capable of crushing the needed ingredients efficiently. More so, the device comes with enough power to puree necessary ingredients for baby foods, as well as dips and spreads. While cooking to prepare healthy soups for your family, get your blender to process hot liquids, as well as puree hot ingredients right from the cooker. Also, it is ideal for producing bulletproof coffee.

To get your chopping works done quickly, ensure that you have a Vitamix 780 blender close by. With it, you can quickly chop your veggies for marinades and salads. Additionally, it will come handy for making mayonnaise and sauces. Whether you intend to crush raw and roasted nuts or grind coffee beans and spices, you can rely on this model to come through. The four blades are strong enough to mill nuts, grains, and herbs. Lastly, you can also use the product for kneading your doughs or mix batters.

Vitamix 780 Review: What’s So Good About the Vitamix 780?

Considering the multiple functions and features of the Vitamix 780 blender, disputing the brilliance and versatility of this model will be challenging. Below are some notable features of Vitamix 780 blender to look out for:

Radial cooling fan and thermal protection system

If you tend to use blender more often than not, then you don’t have anything to worry about concerning overworking the blender. Vitamix 780 features a thermal protection system alongside a radial cooling fan. These two systems help keep the blender from working whenever you need to use it on more than one occasion. So, if you run a commercial platform such as a restaurant, café, etc., you may want to consider having one or two units of this model in your kitchen.

Touchscreen control panel

Despite the high number of products from Vitamix, this model is the first product to feature touchscreen technology. It is designed with an LCD control panel, boasting hardened glass, which is scratch- and crack-resistant. Compared to the manual dials and switches in traditional blenders, you only need to touch the screen with a finger to get the blender rolling or to choose different functions or speed.

Automated Blending

This model features five different program settings and multiple speed control. Also, it comes with a pulse feature. Unlike other traditional blenders from Vitamix, this product features smoothies, hot soups, purees, frozen desserts, and self-cleaning settings – five essential and popular programs. With the pulse feature, you can layer coarsely-chopped ingredients on smooth purees. If you are producing a nutritious soup or healthy salsa alongside mixed vegetables, the pulse feature will come handy.


Right on top of the motor compartment is a low-profile jar. The container is BPA-free and large enough to blend sufficient ingredients to prepare a meal for your family with its 64-ounce capacity. Also, the container is portable enough to fit into most kitchen cabinets. Compared to most blenders, the whole blender is less bulky and takes lesser space on the countertop.

Laser-cut blades

With a 2.2HP motor and four laser-cut blades, Vitamix 780 blender is capable of cutting through any ingredients. Whether you intend to slash vegetables, nuts, ice, fruits, or grains, you can be confident of getting the work done using this blender. Before long, you will have your processed ingredients ready to complete your cooking session.

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Vitamix 780 Features: Design, Performance, Pros and Cons


With a moderate body dimension of 17.25 by 8.8 by 9 inches, Vitamix 780 blender body size will fit right under the standard kitchen cabinets. However, be informed that the device is quite heavy after assemblage; hence, you should be careful while lifting from one position to another. Furthermore, this device features a top LED control panel design, which is quite responsive and easy to control. Considering that the screen is covered with hardened glass, the control panel is resistant to scratches and cracks. On the control panel, five pre-determined programs (Frozen, Soup, Desserts, Purees Smoothies, and Cleaning), ten different speeds selector, start and stop button, as well as pulse function are available. With soft touches, you can easily control the tap buttons. The power unit is positioned at the right-hand side of the controls to put on or off the machine. With the power unit, you can easily activate or deactivate your Vitamix 780 blender without having to remove the plug after every use.

Additionally, Vitamix 780 blender features a low-profile capacity container with permanent blades. The container is designed with high-quality Tritan co-polyester material, which is shatter-proofed and temperature-proofed. Also, the container features two-part rubber lid with a removable cap, which can be used with tamper – you can also use it for putting in additional ingredients during operation. Finally, there are two flaps on one side of the container, which helps maintain a secured lid during operation, and also ensure that the lid can be removed easily after operation.


With outstanding technical qualities such as 2.2HP for output power and 120volts of power, you can expect nothing short of quality performance from the Vitamix 780 blender. Furthermore, the device is equipped with solid and top-quality blades that drive motor coupling alongside various metal connections for improved blending performance. More so, the device features a thermal protection system and radial cooling fan, which ensure that it remains in a cool condition while working for a long period. Besides, the operation of the motors cooling fan is optimized by the higher speed while a continuous low speed may initiate an automatic shut off.

Vitamix 780 Blender can perform for about 20 to 45 minutes while making smoothies with soft and hard ingredients such as kale, spinach, pineapple, carrots, among others. Also, the device can be used to produce juice; however, unlike the classic juicer, the blender cannot separate the fibre from the liquid while making a juice.

Another usefulness of the Vitamix 780 blender is crushing frozen ingredients, such as fruits, ice cube, and vegetables, to make snow cones, ice creams, etc. If you are looking for a blender that can handle nuts for your nut milk, then consider getting this device as it can crush all the necessary ingredients efficiently. Also, with strong power and high-quality blades, the blender can be used to puree almost anything, including raw and cooked vegetables – you can also use it to puree baby food or for your dips and spreads. Furthermore, if you intend to make soup, then you can use the blade frictions to heat liquids, then make hot soup from the cold ingredients. Also, the blade can process hot liquids or ingredients coming directly from the cooker.

That’s not all; the Vitamix 780 is capable of chopping vegetables needed for your marinades and salads. It will definitely come handy while making your sauces and mayonnaise. Also, if you plan to make nut butter from roasted and raw nuts – without oils – then, try to have a unit of Vitamix 780 at hand. With the tamper, the device helps process thick mixtures quickly and eliminates air pockets. Additionally, this blender offers milling and grinding performances as it is capable of grinding herbs, species, and coffee beans, as well as milling different kinds of grains. Perhaps, you plan on making dough or a batter, then use your Vitamix 780 to knead your dough.

Vitamix 780 Review: Pros and Cons

We like

  • It comes with a sleek design
  • Offers different functions, including chopping, grinding, milling, processing, and kneading
  • Top-notch touch screen control for smooth operation
  • Ten different speeds that allow for flexibility
  • It features a BPA-free container

We dislike

  • Pricey

Final Verdict

Although Vitamix blenders tend to be quite costly, they offer impressive qualities and performances that worth every buck spent – and evidently, Vitamix 780 blender is no exception. From our Vitamix 780 review, it is apparent that the blender offers quality blending performance and versatility. The only shortcoming of this product lies in its price. But for those who are not on a budget and feel that the different functions of the Vitamix 780 blender will come handy for their household use or small enterprise.