Vitamix E310 Review – How Good is This Blender?

Are you searching for the best blender to make fresh fruit smoothies from the comfort of your home? Has it become difficult for you to choose the best blender for making smoothies? If yes, then there is no need to worry anymore. I was facing the same situation a few months ago. Then came the Vitamix E310 blender, which solved all my problems and made it quite comfortable for me to make fresh smoothies easily from the comfort of my home.

So, here in this article, we will provide a detailed Vitamix E310 review and will guide you that why should you buy this blender. So, let’s get started and discover all the features, pros, and cons that you must keep in mind while purchasing the Vitamix E310 blender.

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Why Choose Vitamix Brand?

Vitamix is an internationally renowned brand and is well-known for manufacturing quality and high-end kitchen utensils for your daily use. Not only blenders, but all their products are of high quality and present an everlasting look along with the durability.

The utensils made by Vitamix are among the most trusted ones which are widely used and recommended by professional chefs all around the world.

The products made are aesthetically engineered with the objective to change your life and bring about great comfort and flexibility in your daily kitchen life. That’s something which Vitamix E310 blender is amongst the best available blenders in the market.

Vitamix E310 review

What Can You Make In Vitamix E310?

Vitamix E310 is not only for making fresh fruit smoothies. Instead, it is a product that takes you far beyond making kitchen recipes. From meals to snacks, you can make a variety of things in this blender.

Let’s find out how you can use this product to make food for yourself.

Hot Soup

Using the Vitamix E310, you can make hot soup without a stove in under 10 minutes. Surprised? Even I was shocked to hear this. But, yes, it’s true. You can do it. The friction of the blades provides the heat and allows you to prepare hot soup in less than 10 minutes.

Frozen Treats

Using the Vitamix E310, you can prepare chilled desserts in seconds. Simply add frozen ingredients in the container and enjoy the ice-cream fruit sorbet in a few seconds.

Grind Nuts and Coffee

If you want to make nut butter, by grinding delicious nuts, then Vitamix E310 is the best blender to do this. You can also turn coffee beans into ground coffee using this blender.

Dressings & Sauces

Another important use of Vitamix E310 blender is that you can use it to make several dressings and sauces. For example, you can make pesto, tomato sauce, and apple sauce in a matter of seconds.

Smoothies and Juices

Of course, an essential function of Vitamix E310 is that it can be used to convert fresh fruits and veggies into juices without altering the taste of the fruit.

Vitamix E310: Specification Table

ModelVitamix E310
Product Dimensions11 x 8 x 18 inches
Item Weight 11.5 pounds [5.21 KG]
Cord Length4.5 feet | 1.37 m
Exterior ColorBlack, Red, Slate
Container Size48-ounce
Electrical Ratings120 V
Made InUSA
BladesHardened Stainless-Steel Blades
Pulse FunctionYes
Self-Cleaning Yes
Warranty 5 Years

Make Fresh Fruit Smoothies Using the Vitamix E310

There is no doubt in the fact that we all love consuming fresh smoothies in our breakfast. Fresh smoothies are incredibly beneficial for the kids. They come up with plenty of health benefits and play a vital role in boosting their mood as well as enhancing their energy levels.

But the question is, “From where can we get these fresh fruit smoothies?

The best solution is to prepare these fruit smoothies from the comfort of your home. To make fresh fruit smoothies at your home, you will need good quality and a durable blender. The process of selection becomes quite challenging as there are too many options available in the market.

To sort out this problem of yours, we have come up with one of the best blenders available in the market. It is none other than Vitamix E310 blender. Vitamix E310 is durable, long-lasting, and is made of high strength material, which makes it easier for you to make fresh smoothies from the comfort of your home.

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Vitamix E310 Blender – Performance and Functionalities

Vitamix E310 is a unique blender that offers intuitive controls, exhilarating power, and exceptional durability. The blender will change the way you prepare meals at your home.

This Vitamix E310 blender is widely in use owing to its durability and enhanced functionalities. Although its primary function is to make fresh smoothies without altering the taste of the fruit, however, the blender can be used for many other purposes as well.

Some other functionalities of Vitamix E310 blender include:

  • Grind semi-solid products especially fresh fruits and vegetables into purees
  • Blend fruit, ice-cream, milk, and sweet sauces to make milkshakes
  • Reducing solids such as small seeds into powder form
  • Blending mixtures of powders and liquids thoroughly
  • Dissolve solids into liquids

Apart from these, there are many other functionalities as well that this high-quality blender can perform. So, it’s a must to keep the product at your home.

Features and Characteristics of Vitamix E310

Let’s now highlight some of the features and qualities of Vitamix E310 blender which will help you to identify that why do you need to get this blender.

Vitamix E310 Provides Variable Speed and Control

The blender offers ten variable speeds, which makes it possible for you to refine any type of texture with extreme precision. You can easily adjust the speed during the blending process. Using this advanced feature, you can quickly refine anything from the smoothest purees to the heartiest soups and achieve a variety of textures.

Vitamix E310 Comes with a Pulse Feature

The blender comes with a pulse feature using which you can create bursts of power. It means that the layer coarse comfortably chops smooth purees for heartier recipes. It works excellent for chunky salsas and thick vegetable soups.

Vitamix E310 Blender Features Durable High-Strength Blades

Vitamix E310 comes with hardened stainless-steel blades that can easily handle the toughest ingredients. No matter how hard or tough the added ingredient is, the laser-cut blades ensure that you get the same quality results starting from the first till the last blend.

The cutting blades are 3-inch in diameter and ensure that the blending stays consistent each time. Additionally, the blades are resistant to dulling and bending.

Friction-Heating Feature of Blades

The blades featured in Vitamix E310 are capable of reaching fast enough speeds to that helps to create friction heat. This heat brings cold ingredients to steaming hot in about 5 – 6 minutes.

Light Weight and Precisely Designed Container

Vitamix E310 comes with a light-weight container that weighs about 48-ounces and is considered ideal for blending medium batches, especially for small family meals. The container is perfect in size for preparing meals in small quantities and fits in your kitchen perfectly.

In addition to that, the container that features in Vitamix E310 is precisely designed. Its every angle is designed to fold the ingredients and bring them back to the blades to ensure smoother and faster blends.

Vitamix E310 Features A High-Performance Motor

While selecting the best blender, the thing that matters the most is its motor. Vitamix E310 features a high-performance motor that easily blends frozen fruit, and powders the added ingredients cleanly. The motor ensures that the blends are as smooth and as fast as possible.

Vitamix E310 Features Self-Cleaning Service

The container is self-cleaning and is dishwasher-safe. One can easily clean the blender with a drop of dish soap and warm water by operating the machine at its highest speed. The blender can quickly clean itself within 30 – 60 seconds with minimal efforts required. There is no need to disassemble it for cleaning.

The Blender Feature A Unique and Elegant Design

It’s not about the product quality, but the designing of Vitamix E310 is unique and elegant as well. The product is aesthetically engineered to fulfill the user demands and provide the best results that the client demands.

It features a radial cooling fan and a thermal protection system. The machine is operated at 120 V electrical ratings. The length of the attached cord is about 4.5ft.

Furthermore, the Vitamix E310 blender features a tamper blender that is designed to make thick and stubborn blends. Resultantly, you don’t have to stop the machine again and again to scrape the sides.

Pros and Cons of Vitamix E310 blender

Having read all the unique features and benefits on this Vitamix E310 review, you might be interested in getting this blender for yourself right now. Let’s now highlight some of the pros and cons of Vitamix E310 blender.

What we like
  • Features high-strength stainless steel blades
  • Comes with a high-performance motor
  • Friction heating blades
  • Variable speed and pulse feature
  • Features a specially designed tamper
  • Easy self-cleaning facility
  • Made of Durable and High-strength material
  • Comes with a precise container design
What we dislike
  • The container is slightly small in size
  • The machine is somewhat noisy while operating
  • Slightly expensive


In the above Vitamix E310 review, we have mentioned everything that you need to know about Vitamix E310 blender.

It has been mentioned that you can use Vitamix E310 blender for making fresh smoothies, frozen treats, sauces, coffee and much more. The blender is made of high-strength durable material and features a stainless-steel blade, which enhances the overall efficiency of the blending process.

Hence, we hope that this Vitamix E310 review was helpful for you in deciding either you should or should not purchase this high-end blender.